Data submission

Data up to 10 MB by e-mail to: [email protected]

In the case of larger volumes of data, file transfer via WeTransfer, FTP upload, etc. is preferred.


Data, data exchange

Data format: In principle, you can supply your data to us in various formats. “Print files” which need no further work must be provided in PDF format (settings can be viewed under PDF settings). The use of “open files” may incur additional costs! Final colour proofs (Fogra certified) must always be supplied with “print files”. Print files or PDFs to be printed by us must be created in accordance with the current standards and, where appropriate, agreed with the appropriate members of our technical team.


Data transmission to third parties:

Lanarepro GmbH, headquarters at Peter-Anich-Straße 14, I – 39011 Lana (BZ), and Lanadruck GmbH headquarters at 81539, Tegernseer Landstraße 98, Munich, state that, with the supply of data for further processing on MAC or PC and computer-to-film, computer-to-plate or computer-to-press production, our liability is limited.

All data (open files, PS files, PDF files etc.) sent on appropriate data media or by FTP upload/Wetransfer/e-mail, are checked with the utmost care by Lanarepro specialist staff and stored after approval by the client.

Lanarepro GmbH accepts no liability for defective data media, errors in transmission or data error for technical reasons, or for transport damage or archiving errors.