FSC® certification

Small carbon footprint

Sustainable printing

Powered by the sun




Sustainability is a major concern at Lanarepro. We do all we can to save resources. As a forward-looking company, this includes the use of certified paper as well as processless printing plate production, and ever more recycled papers. We take our responsibility for environmental protection seriously.

Lanarepro GmbH have been FSC certified since 2009.



La stampa senza impatto sul clima è l’accesso conveniente e simpatico alla protezione climatica volontaria. Prima vengono rilevate tutte le emissioni di CO2 che sono prodotte indirettamente o direttamente dalla stampa. In questo inventario si considerano tutte le emissioni di CO2 prodotte durante la stampa ma anche le emissioni che sono sorte durante la produzione della carta e il trasporto. Le emissioni vengono poi compensate tramite l’acquisto e l’emissione vincolante di certificazioni ambientali riconosciute - quindi sono a impatto zero.



Agfa Amigo offset printing plates – a genuine contribution to environmental protection. Amigo delivers the advantages of tried-and-trusted thermofuse technology. It is a fully daylight-compatible thermal printing plate with maximum plate production convenience. Significantly less waste water is generated during the printing plate development process.












Climate protection drives us and the sun is our partner!

Lanarepro has been harnessing the sun’s energy since the summer of 2012.

At Lanarepro we decided to invest in a photovoltaic system to obtain part of our energy needs from renewable sources. When it is working at full capacity, the system generates approximately 75 KWp of electricity which is used 100% in production periods for printing and finishing our clients’ products.